* 4 Years as a T1 Diabetic and Ready to Party! *


This is yours truly right now! I wanted to pop in and say hi real quick! Just finished doing my hair and make-up before heading out for a Christmas party. Still need to get dressed though! 🙂

Also my official T1 Diabetes Anniversary!

The weekend has started here, so I really should run but, speak again soon! ❤

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* Post Card From Fujairah *


= Good Afternoon =

Sending a  postcard from Fujairah, UAE. Okay it is from last weekend, but whatever… 😀

I haven’t mentioned it here but, my cousin moved to the UAE back in August, to be part of my hubby’s business. Fun to have family around again 🙂 Last weekend we took him on a tour to several of the other Emirates, on a bit of a sightseeing. We had lunch at RJJ’s Restaurant and Bar, located in Fujairah’s International Marine Club building. We had good food on their outside terrace overlooking the Indian Ocean / Arabian Sea. It was such a lovely day for touring around. I think my cousin enjoyed himself. We ended the day with some drinks at our place 🙂

I got back from the mall a little while ago. I had to get a couple of gifts for a Christmas party we are attending this weekend. Secret Santa business 😉 I also may have ended up shopping something for myself too… Oh well, it happens. When I am buying gifts, wether in a regular store or an online one, I always seem to add something extra into the mix for myself... I am bad!! 😀 Haha!!

Anywho, have a superb day and thanks for visiting 🙂


* Almost 4 Years as a Type 1 Diabetic *


Hi there 😀

It has been a while! First of all, it is so much fun to see that I still have traffic on my blog! At least according to my stats 😀 As I mentioned a while back I am very active on Instagram these days. You can find me here : SweetCandyDreamer

So, to the headline ; As I have documented my T1 Diabetes Anniversaries on my blog these past 4 years, I kinda felt the need to continue it 🙂

I just went for my regular check up yesterday and my levels were good and where they should be, so I am very pleased about that 😀

The official anniversary date is the 10th of December but I wanted to update today! 😀

I can’t believe it has been 4 years, although funny enough, I can at the same time. Life before it feels so sooo long ago though. ( Miss those days! ) But, I am just happy and grateful that it is a condition I can live quite well with. 🙂

It would be amazing if there was to be a cure one day. I will always hope

Have a super day, and who knows maybe I will start posting a little bit more again 🙂

Almost Christmas!!!


* Monday Morning *


My little sporty outfit from the other day! I love comfy’s and workout clothes! 😀

It is Monday morning and I am sooo tired! A typical Monday today then 😉

Last night J and I started watching ‘Last Tango In Halifax’. What a super cozy series. We had to continue watching in bed, so we ended up going to sleeps a bit late. 🙂 I definitely recommend it 🙂

Wishing you a fab Monday and hope you aren’t as slow as I am today! 😀 Also, I hope you had a lovely weekend 🙂

I am gonna kick my butt and have a work out in a little bit. That’s the plan anyway 😉


* Happy Friday! Weekend Is Here! *


I got my hubby back from business travels last night! Yay! I am not a big fan of being alone for too long, so it was so good to have him back ❤ I am thinking I will most likely go with him the next time, as it has been a while since I last joined him. It is way more fun than being by myself, for sure! 😀

We caught up over some wine and snacks by the dining room table when he arrived home. Super cozy 🙂

The weekend has already started for us, as we have Thursday – Saturday weekends here in the Middle East.

The heat and humidity has also arrived in full force! The other day you could basically see and touch the humidity! I walked outside for about 10 min and I was soaked! Not exactly pleasant! I feel for the people who does labour work outside. Hats off to them!

Have a super day 😀


* Stopping By *


Hey There 🙂

It has been so long since I have been updating my blog so I thought I would stop by again to say hi. I can see in my stats that there is still traffic in here, which is fun 🙂

The first part of the year has been a busy one with some travels, including a fabulous wedding in Delhi, India. That was quite the affair! Add a little Bollywood flare to the mix and voila! You have a super time 😀

But, the most important part for my hubby and I, is that we moved houses. Moving is quite the job but, sooo worth it 🙂 We wanted a bit more central city living again and we are loving it

Last weekend we celebrated our 10 year anniversary with a little getaway. Thats when the photo above was taken. 🙂 Lazy days spent reading, chatting and relaxing by the beach, followed by lovely dinners and wine in the evening. 🙂

Have a super Saturday!!!

I hope you are all doing well 🙂


* Merry Christmas To You *


I just want to stop by and wish you a very Merry Christmas 🙂

I am currently spending a bit more time on Instagram so feel free to follow me there if you want

Instagram account : SweetCandyDreamer

Have a wonderful Holiday time


* Khasab Oman *


I thought I would share a few snaps from our trip to Khasab, Oman the other day 🙂


We had lunch at the Atana Hotel. Pictured on the rocks here. Huge portions with yummy food! 😀


The scenery was gorgeous!


On our way!


We had to stop at one of the many beaches 🙂


My super duper fun new truck. I need to share some better photos of it one day soon 🙂 I love it!!!! 😀


More nature prettiness!



I hope you enjoyed the pics 🙂

Oh, I am also really liking Instagram at the moment. So if you wanna follow me, just click for a follow request 🙂 Here is my Instagram Account :


Have a wonderful day !

Also, thank you so much for all your kind words in my previous post


* 3 years as T1 Diabetic + UTW *


First of all, yellow is a happy color and as I am feeling UTW -> Under The Weather! It is the only way to go!

Tomorrow there will be 3 years (!) since I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Time goes by surprisingly fast but, it seems a lifetime ago since I lived my life without it… I would be lying if I say that I don’t miss those days I truly do… Sometimes a little crying helps to release a whole lot of tension. It is actually amazing how a good cry just makes your body feel so much calmer afterwards 🙂

The other night I dreamt that I was going to compete in swimming ( I used to compete before ) but, my levels were too low… It makes me incredibly sad to think of all the things I could just do whenever I wanted to do them, without the constant worry about my blood sugar levels and, if I am going to be okay. But, at least I got to do a whole lot of things before I got it 🙂 Obviously I can do so many things now as well, there is just a bit more of a roundabout way to go about it 🙂

All that matters now is that I have it in control and that I am happy and healthy 🙂

I am also hopeful that one day there will be a cure and, I will experience life without T1 Diabetes again. That will be the best day of my life

I have had a bit of a crappy day today, just being a bit under the weather and dealing with stressy things. But, behind the clouds the sky is a vivid and beautiful blue and blue is my favorite color… so maybe everything isn’t so bad after all 🙂

yh2Wishing you a super day!!!