From a very cold walk on the beach

That is quite the contrast from my previous scenery post! J and I went for a very fresh and cold walk the other day. The sand had a fine layer of frost on top of it and looked quite beautiful

We are visiting my family for the Holidays. So nice to see everyone again.

The renovations at home are coming along. We had a bit of a glitch in the kitchen though. The counter tops and kitchen cabinets had all been installed but, we noticed that the height of the kitchen counter was wrong! We have found a solution but, they have to take the stone off ( hopefully without breaking it! ) and they need to rise it with about 5 cm. I seriously can not wait for it all to be done and we get to move back into our new home

My mother in law is also joining us this Christmas. She will be arriving from Canada in a couple of days. That should be festive.

I was really craving some Christmas Cookies the other day. Some that we have not made for years but, I got my mom to make the dough and we got to it! 😀 We shape them into the same sort of shapes as we make Ginger Bread Cookies but, the dough is different and soooo yummy! ( I have not had them since I became a T1 Diabetic but, I felt ready for it this year ❤ ) One of my sisters and niece joined us as well, which was fun. My niece was home from school sick, so we put her to work instead 😉

Wishing you a wonderful day ❤