This is me in Yerevan, Armenia back in October  

Hi There!!

How are you? I hope you are doing great and thanks for visiting my blog! It is actually fun to see in my stats that I still have visitors.


As it is my 5th Anniversary as a type 1 diabetic, and I usually update about it on my blog, I just had to do that this year as well. My little diary.

All is well in diabetes land (wish I didn’t have it though!) But, at least I am healthy and my levels are where they should be, so I am pleased about that.

One new thing though is that in September, I started using a new glucose monitoring system. It is called Freestyle Libre. I have a sensor attached to my arm and I scan the reader over it to check my glucose levels whenever needed. This means less testing on fingers which is great. I do still have to test on my fingers when the glucose trend is either heading too low or too high though. I get a more accurate and immediate result that way.


Here is a link if you are curious what it looks like :

Still hoping for a cure one day.

In other news we went to a fun Christmas event last night. A lot of Champagne and wine so I am a little slow today haha. The decorations and what the organizers had put together was pretty impressive I have to say! Very festive!

I can not believe Christmas is just around the corner! I really feel 2016 has just flown by!

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Wishing you a lovely day