Treating a sugar low on Monday! Eating a gummy snake in the car. Oh well


I was supposed to run an errand at the mall after work with J but, my blood sugar was not cooperating that day! Those are the worst kind of days! So, I had to sit in the car balancing my sugar levels while my husband had to run the errand by himself. If anything I am lucky to have a supportive husband  ❤

I have had a couple of days with levels that have been very stubborn. I am hoping it will all balance out again quickly. I do not like it when I do not feel I have full control.

#atleastiamalive  ❤

On a funnier note, last night one of my colleagues sent me the following “HR Policy“.

I thought it was quite funny so I have to post it for you!!

 hrpHave a super day  ❤

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