Good Morning  🙂

As some of you may have noticed I tried updating the blog yesterday but, I had some major issues with the images. I think it works again now. Was more than a little frustrating! Oh well.

I met a super sweet friend the other day! I simply had to have a photo with this cute Ginger Bread Man 


At the moment I am enjoying spending time with my family. Christmas is almost here. I am very fortunate to get to spend it with my loved ones


This photo is from Saturday, when I went for a lunch date with my hubby, sis and her man. It was so cozy catching up over some wine and good food. As you can see it was quite windy. If I can’t get snow, I am satisfied with grey, rainy and windy weather. The first time we saw some sun since arriving, was yesterday!  For someone used to waking up to sunshine almost every single day, I sort of feel like I never really wake up when it is so dark outside  🙂

At the moment my man is in a meeting and I am thinking of doing some exercises before jumping into the shower and properly start my day  🙂

Have a lovely day wherever you are