I got my hubby back from business travels last night! Yay! I am not a big fan of being alone for too long, so it was so good to have him back ❤ I am thinking I will most likely go with him the next time, as it has been a while since I last joined him. It is way more fun than being by myself, for sure! 😀

We caught up over some wine and snacks by the dining room table when he arrived home. Super cozy 🙂

The weekend has already started for us, as we have Thursday – Saturday weekends here in the Middle East.

The heat and humidity has also arrived in full force! The other day you could basically see and touch the humidity! I walked outside for about 10 min and I was soaked! Not exactly pleasant! I feel for the people who does labour work outside. Hats off to them!

Have a super day 😀