Hey There 🙂

It has been so long since I have been updating my blog so I thought I would stop by again to say hi. I can see in my stats that there is still traffic in here, which is fun 🙂

The first part of the year has been a busy one with some travels, including a fabulous wedding in Delhi, India. That was quite the affair! Add a little Bollywood flare to the mix and voila! You have a super time 😀

But, the most important part for my hubby and I, is that we moved houses. Moving is quite the job but, sooo worth it 🙂 We wanted a bit more central city living again and we are loving it

Last weekend we celebrated our 10 year anniversary with a little getaway. Thats when the photo above was taken. 🙂 Lazy days spent reading, chatting and relaxing by the beach, followed by lovely dinners and wine in the evening. 🙂

Have a super Saturday!!!

I hope you are all doing well 🙂