A little sparkle is a must on any given day 😉

I just had a yummy stir fried fish salad. Good start to the day!

I am happy to see that so many of you liked my previous post 😀

Last night I watched The Big Interview where Dan Rather interviewed Simon Cowell. Very interesting to know a little bit more about him, he sure has done well for himself! 🙂

Oh, on a fun note, I met Dan Rather years ago on a train ride from New York to Washington D.C with my cousin. My cousin recognized him and, me feeling quite courageous with a little bit of happy juice in me, went and asked him for his autograph!! I got it! Haha 😀 A little story for you today 😀


The last few days I have started the photo printing process for the album I am making. I mentioned about it in this post : Album

My goodness it is quite the project I have started! I need to get back to printing today:-D I hope the end product will turn out just fab!


Have a sparkly and super day! 😀