jhfHey, I hope you had a fun weekend 🙂

We had a good one and, on Saturday night we headed over to some friends of ours house for dinner and drinks. They are both from India and their chef made the most delicious dinner! It was divine! We had a lovely time with great company and conversations 🙂 At some point I realized time had been ticking away and they were so kind to let us have their driver take us home so we could find our bed 😀 I was hurting a tad bit yesterday I have to say… In full form again today though 😀


J and I went for a long walk earlier. It is finally starting to be a bit more pleasant outsidestill hot but, for the most of the time, bearable!! Yay for that! I am tired of feeling claustrophobic 😀 We have just caught up on the X-factor and are relaxing before sleepy time 🙂


Hope you are doing super!