Okay, you are totally allowed to 😀 I came across this photo while going through our Antarctica trip pictures. It was quite the interesting weather this particular day and I was a little cold and miserable out on the water haha… I wonder if maybe that shows on my face 😀 I just had to share!

Speaking of pictures and trips and such, I am in the process of selecting and printing photos to put into albums / scrapbooks. I quite enjoy it and, I think it is also more fun to show photos in a handheld album to friends and family than on an electronic device always 🙂

On another topic, I feel there has been an unseen autumn wind that has passed by me really quickly and snatched my summer tan… just like it makes the leaves fall of the trees! Oh well, time for a new season and a new look I guess 😉

Wishing you a wonderful day!