Beautiful Vancouver. I will miss you!

We had such gorgeous weather on the trip. J and I traveled a bit around in BC by ourselves for a little vacation time before we visited some family. The end stop of our trip was in Vancouver to kinda unwind from the trip as it was a bit stressful at times. It was nice to just relax and enjoy each others company before the long journey home 🙂 Nothing like spending quality time with my man ❤

I could do without this terrible 11 hour jet lag though! Hopefully I will be a bit more human in a few days 😉

It is so hot here, it makes me super claustrophobic, I was hoping for a thunderstorm or something this morning but, no luck.. I want some rain 😀

I miss my family as we usually see them in the summer but, we couldn’t make it this year 😦 Hopefully we will see them in the not too distant future ❤


I hope you are having a super day!