Hey there 🙂

I am lovin’ me some pink! Fun t-shirts are the best and, add a little sparkle on top…. and voilà you have got one happy girl!

I had a good workout earlier followed by a little tanning session in the garden. Need to keep that summer tan topped up! 🙂 I have to say that birds are cute and all but, oh my goodness is there ever an abundance of them in the garden… to the point that I am waiting (not in excitement!) for one to hit me in the head real soon! Luckily they are not seagulls! I am terrified of seagulls! So much so that when we were visiting family at Christmas and, we took a stroll around town I got so scared of one flying towards us that I lost my balance! How embarrassing is that??? Had the tumbling at least been graceful and cute… I think my hubby was a bit surprised at this obvious overreaction to a flying bird but, whatever… 😉

Apart from cute but, slightly scary birds, I definitely have that summer feeling at the moment! I love it! It’s so much fun seeing snippets from peoples holidays and summery weather on blogs and social media 🙂 Everyone seems so happy 🙂 That makes me feel happy too!! 😀


Wishing you a wonderful day 🙂