We have spent the last little week in Tehran on business. It was my first time to Iran and what a fascinating country! First of all; due to restrictions I haven’t been able to access my blog and most of the social media + I have been unable to receive sms’ on my phone! I had similar issues while we were in Dalian, China last year. Needless to say, I am very glad to be back online again with a little less censorship 🙂 You do start to feel a bit disconnected from the outside world in cases like this…

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Yesterday there was a freak sand and rain storm that engulfed the whole city of Tehran. I was at the apartment waiting for J to get back after meetings when I thought it odd that it suddenly got so dark outside. The lights inside started to flicker and, I thought that perhaps there was a thunderstorm on the way, as there had been a massive one a couple of nights before. When I looked out the window I saw this brown wall approaching, which was of course the sand storm! It was really freaky to see the sand wall and, I got so worried knowing that hubby was out there in the traffic chaos right in the middle of it. The traffic is horrible on almost any given day in Tehran, so I was really concerned! I even hid in the hallway of the apartment with my bloodglucose meter + sugary shots, just in case I had to run for it! Storms really scares me! Luckily my love returned back safely… unfortunately the storm, according to recent reports, claimed 5 lives and many more were injured… May they rest in peace… Today the flags where on half mast mourning the losses

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Iran is the first country I have visited where I have had to wear a headscarf and follow a more strict dress code.I did a little research on it before the trip so I knew what to expect.

I was interested to find out that women have started to show more and more hair while wearing their head scarves. You can see in the images that I followed suit 🙂


Our host also told us that women have started a campaign/protest where they tuck their scarf behind one ear. It is all part of wanting to stop the law that forces them to cover up their lovely hair. It was quite fascinating to observe! We spotted so many women doing this and they were exposing a lot of hair and beautifully made up faces 🙂 I kind of got the feeling of proper sisterhood between the women doing this and it actually made me very proud of them. Women in Iran also has to wear looser fitting clothes on their upper body and it should basically cover the behind 😉 I had a fun time trying to raid my closet for appropriate attire before we left! I didn’t quite realize until then that a lot of my clothing is totally inappropriate for certain countries so I had a bit of trouble digging out stuff to be honest!

I have been a little tourist girl and snapped photos on the trip 🙂 So..I will start with these ones :



We took a taxi from our hotel to go and dine at a restaurant called SPU which was located up in the mountains. We jumped out of the taxi a little short distance before our destination as the traffic gets really bad in Tehran! It was a busy road but, a fun little walk to the Restaurant 🙂 The restaurant was located next to a flowing river and surrounded by large trees. We dined outside and for such a a large restaurant I was impressed by the cozy atmosphere. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos from the restaurant as I get quite shy about taking photos around people I have only just met 🙂




I was just as tired as I look in this pic and add a migraine on top of it! Haha, I did have a lovely evening though 🙂


J and I couldn’t exactly complain about the space we had during our stay. Our accommodations was in an apartment hotel and we stayed in a two bedroom flat with 3 bathrooms, living room, dining area a big kitchen and a fireplace! 🙂


I really hope that you enjoyed the post and the photos 🙂

Wishing you a lovely evening 🙂