girlygirlI feel super girly in this pink tank top! 😀 It also makes me want to hang out at the beach!

Last night we went to the Christie’s Watch Auction. Fun! So many beautiful and fun time-pieces up for auction! As we had a dinner reservation with some friends of ours we didn’t stay through the whole auction but, one of the last ones we saw went for….. $ 130.000! There were more expensive ones coming up but, by that time we were up at the 51 floor and in the bar instead! ( A much safer place to be than getting carried away at an auction! )! 😀

We had a delicious dinner with a beautiful view of the city and I was pleasantly surprised that my favorite building was right beside us as well! It’s funny how certain buildings just give you a right feeling! It looks like a clock tower, I hope they put in 4, one on each side, at some point as that would complete it fully 🙂 I suggested to J that we should just buy the top part of it so we can live there! Sure! Haha 😀 A girl is allowed to dream….

Wishing you a wonderful day!