wsh2I hope you have had a great weekend! I just finished a good workout and am now ready to tackle my to do list šŸ™‚

First off the guest room needs to be prepared as we have a visitor coming in a few days and, I am so excited to see her šŸ™‚ Girly time!

I love watching documentaries and yesterday I watched :

The three deadliest words in the’s a girl!Ā ‘.

It is shot in both India and China and focuses on ‘gendercide’ which is the systematic killing of a specific gender.

The documentary highlights that families in these two countries and other parts of the world as well, sees having a girl being born into their families as a curse and a burden.Ā 

Girls are being killed right after birth, aborted or abandoned. It is a very disturbing and sad documentary but one worth watching as the topic is extremely important.

I would very much recommend watching it. You can read more about it here :Ā

Wishing you a great day!