strstrWe are back in the heat! In fact, I have ben suntanning in the garden today. Quite the contrast from the winter scenery of the last couple of weeks. I love our place in the mountains and wasn’t quite ready to leave to be honest but, you have to get back to normal life again at some point 😀 That being said, it’s also quite nice to be back home again 🙂

A little travel story:

On our flight back home, the guy sitting across the aisle from me got quite tipsy, no, let’s re-phrase that; he got hammered! I noticed a little bit into the flight that he appeared quite drunk and, it kinda just escalated from there..

He argued with the crew, was too intoxicated to figure out how to fasten his seat belt, at one point, for who knows what reason, he got so angry that he started to hit the tv screen and seat in front of him. At this point I actually moved to a different seat as he was so unstable! To top it all; he got out of his seat and stood up during landing, while pointing and saying things to one of the crew members, who were obviously sitting down at this point. When we landed he was met by the local police inside the plane! I wonder what happened next… actually I am not so sure if I want to know…A little action on our way home 😉

I hope you are having a great day 🙂