I didn’t sleep that well last night and when I woke up this morning I was boiling hot! In the middle of the night I even turned down the AC to make it cooler. Poor hubby woke up freezing and as I was testing my bloodsugar we soon found out why I was so warm, my bloodsugar had dropped drastically through the night. As the shaking and sweating started, (not fun!) I drank a high sugared drink and ate a piece of chocolate, I mean a girl needs her chocolate when things aren’t going well, right? 🙂 Things seems to have stabilized a bit more now, so I am glad about that!

A cozy thing about this morning though is that we woke up to rain!!! We don’t have that so often here, so we love it and welcome it whenever it graces us with it’s appearance. In fact wet days are such a big thing that people send their best rainy photos to the newspapers and adults + kids loves to just stand or play around in the rain, it’s so cute 🙂 Us from northern countries, who are quite used to heavy rain, are surprisingly happy about it really… 😉 All that being said, I really hope there won’t be too many road accidents today…


Wishing you a great Tuesday!