The medallion I am wearing used to belong to my namesake, my late great grandmother. Her name is engraved on it and I love it.. Priceless piece of jewelry… 🙂

On other notes, I went to my physio today and there are some good improvements, which I am so pleased about. I have had a little bit of pain for the last 2 days but, since my last appointment I have actually gone a whole week without pain and I can hardly believe it! I think it’s definitely a step in the right direction now, and I hope it continues!!!

Christmas music is playing quite frequently at home lately and its so cozy… I am a little Holiday crazy these days 😉 There are so many beautiful Christmas songs sung by so many talented and various artists it’s hard to pick a favorite. I must say Christina Aguilera’s album is amongst one my favorites… She has such a powerful voice… and Celine Dion and Mariah Carey… and I have to stop, the list is quite long really!!! 😀

Hope you are having a great start of the week!