orngpnkNot orange the fruit but the top! Maybe I am a fruitloop?

Yesterday we got our new garden furniture delivered and we are very happy with it! We obviously had to celebrate by having a drink outside while we tested and admired it last night 😀 We are still waiting for the pergola to be delivered, it is currently being built. I almost can’t wait to get it! Let the BBQ season begin! I love being outside in the garden. Something cosy about it 🙂

After dinner and drinks outside we watched some series on TV. We started watching Masters of sex a little while ago and it’s quite interesting. Have you seen it? As I couldn’t quite remember the name of it I started calling it the sex show and J suggested I should perhaps find a different “nickname” for it! 😉

We also watched some Suits after the sex show. I really like that one as well. 😀

I hope your week is going well so far!