prplI had an MRI scan of my lumber spine right before the weekend and am anxiously waiting for the results….I have had shooting pains down my leg for months and obviously something is wrong so they just need to clarify exactly what it is. (I should have had this MRI months ago! Procrastinating monster is what I am) I kinda have an idea about what it is, but I will have to wait and see what they say…

Also, when you have an MRI you are not supposed to have any metal on you so they kinda ask you several times if you have removed all jewelry, keys and so on. I was convinced I was a great patient and was metal free! However, a little while into it (it takes 20 min) I kinda panicked when I realized I had a little metal thingy on my panties(!) So, I started getting all nervous and I tried to push my undies a little lower (oh my gosh what a weirdo!) whileΒ debating if I was going to try and squeeze the thingy the guy had given me, just in case I needed him. As he clearly saw me fiddling, he stopped the machine to tell me to try and be still and I panicked and told him about my underwear and he had to calm me down and telling me it was okay and just to relax. I was a tiny bit embarrassed as I think I was explaining about my panties a little louder then intended due to the ear plugs! I can’t believe I actually told you this! πŸ˜€

Anywho, I just had a good workout on the elliptical and am now gonna clean the floors! Oh the glamour of every day life πŸ˜‰

I went a little Halloween nuts on Pinterest earlier as well! Soooo much fun πŸ˜€