Well, the weekend is officially over here. (*sad face*) We went to some friends of ours house for a BBQ on Friday, and we had such a great time catching up as we haven’t seen each other for quite a while. The weather was actually cool enough to eat outside!

Other than that we have had a fairly quiet weekend which is always good πŸ™‚

I have just had some apple and dark chocolate, and when my bloodsugar says go, I will jump on my elliptical for a good workout! My bloodsugar went too low while exercising yesterday, and I totally panicked! Hubby was out, and I have a new Blackberry that I am trying to figure out, so in the low blood sugar state it was hard to figure out how to call him! I usually call when these things happens just to talk to someone while bringing my sugar levels up to a safe level again as it’s pretty scary 😦 Luckily all went well. My testing kit and what nots flew all over the floor in my panicked state though :-O Probably would have been quite a sight if someone had seen me ;-D

Have a great Sunday!