fesgThis is the face and slightly awkward pose of someone enjoying sitting on their new heating blanket. Maybe too excited..?Naw, there is no such thing as being too excited 😉 Hopefully it will help ease the pain in my lower back/leg!

I have been lazing about in the garden today, not doing anything except reading and relaxing. As a result I am actually quite tired! That being said I need to go prepare some dinner after this update.

I went to see my physiotherapist again yesterday and unfortunately there is not much progress on my back/leg pain 😦 I need to have an MRI and we will take it from there. Fingers crossed it will just magically go away…I am doing a lot of exercises that could potentially help ease the pain though.

Well dinner has to be made and then some errands afterwards so I better run.

Hope you are having a fun day! 🙂