jor1Hi from the airport washroom mirror to my readers 🙂

jor2Travel girlie (little tired..)

jor3We met these two last night when we were walking to dinner in the heat. Poor things were so warm. They got some of our breakfast this morning 🙂


Below sea level! Maybe it makes me more strange than usual? 😉

jor5Gorgeous view of the Dead Sea!

jor6Need to go and float!

jor7I have just got back from a wonderful massage. My neck has hurt for a week and my body is just fatigued from the busy travel schedule so it was highly needed. It has been 2 years since I had a proper massage! the day started by he pool, not such a bad start of the day, it would be silly to complain.. We have a welcome reception with the WEF this evening. I found a bottle of Chardonnay in the minibar (those who seek shall find and such good things) and decided to have a taste, but it’s not that good(!), I shouldn’t waste it though, right..?

Have a fab Friday 🙂 xx