k6We have now made it safely back home from an unforgettable trip to Kenya with a business organization we belong to. We have had dinner in the bush, rafted for hours on Tana which is Kenya’s longest river, bbq’d , had dinner in a tree (!), champagne breakfast on the hills with views towards Mount Kenya followed by safari and lunch outdoors in the bush in magnificent weather and topped it all off with a glam dinner at the hotel on our last evening. It was a lot of fun and lots of laughter šŸ™‚

By the way we used the company Savage Wilderness to take us white water rafting and if you are planning a trip to Kenya and want to raft I would highly recommend them. Extremely professional and quite entertaining if I may say so šŸ™‚ Felt like we were in safe hands!

Here are some photos from the trip, I have a lot of photos so showing you a little selection of them šŸ™‚



k9Mount Kenya In the Distance

k10Breakfast Buffet On The Slopes




k14Have great Monday!