The pile of snow!

We just got back from a day out hiking followed by an early dinner.Now I’m all clean and showered and ready to relax for the evening. An irish coffee and watching the Survivor is on the agenda tonight 🙂 Last night we watched Les Misérables and I must say I was quite impressed by Anne Hathaway’s performance! It was amazing acting! If you haven’t watched the movie I would certainly recommend it!

Oh, by the way, before our hike today we shared an ice cream cone! I haven’t eaten any “real” ice cream other than home made low carb ones since I got type 1 diabetes and it was a so incredibly tasty I have no words. Ice cream has always been my favorite treat so it was like a little piece of heaven… The hike made sure my blood sugar levels stayed in the good range so will likely do that again! 😉