….there was this girl who went wandering in the alps in search of adventure. As it was a mountain she obviously had to travel uphill..


At one point she actually had to walk a bit downhill..


After a while she came across a hot spring leading into the river and asked a random stranger (her hubby) to take a photo of her with the steam from the water as she thought that was quite an unusual thing to come across and clearly her adventure was off to a flying start!


She also took the time to admire the river. She did this a little from afar because she might, just might suffer from vertigo and felt the want for jumping into it and that would be the end of her adventures. As jumping would have ruined the day, her feet stood firmly with a little bit of a wobble on the ground while she took it all in..
Uh oh, what’s this? Could this be a nice place to stay for the night?
ft5Let’s have a closer look..
Nope, there was a strange hole in the ground and she didn’t want to know what it was for so she continued walking… and up she goes ( she also makes it look pretty easy to walk uphill, obviously )..
Hold up a minute! What’s this?
It was white, it was cold and she could throw it in the air! Super cool! A random passer by (her J ) told her it was snow. She thought that was pretty cool. ( she thought it a little strange that the random stranger which wasn’t a stranger anymore since she had seen him twice, was still there.. ) He was pretty cute though so she wasn’t too concerned..
After her encounter with the wonderful snow she came across another house which she thought had potential for the night but, it just wasn’t quite right so she continued to walk..
Suddenly out of nowhere she saw it…the house, the cutest of them all and she was ecstatic, she had to make this her home for the night. It was like a fairytale taken out of a fairytale..
With her creepy possessive look and slightly awkward pose she felt her adventurous day had turned out just perfect..
Therefor she stood on the bridge beside the perfect little house and claimed her territory ( she also hoped the owners were not around.. )
And as far as anyone knows she is not living in the house today as clearly someone else had got there first..
The tales of a mountain goat!