We have spent the last couple of days in Geneva for private and business meetings/dinners. On Tuesday we had dinner at Le Chat-Botté in hotel Beau Rivage which is a Michelin star restaurant by lake Geneva. The wine and food was exquisite. Also as a diabetic they took my special order and I had a divine fish dish. I must say, being able to walk to restaurants instead of having to take taxi’s all the time has been great for a change.

Yesterday we had pre-dinner drinks at Mr Pickwick pub before walking over to Le Relais de l’Entrecôte for a business dinner. After walking for a while I could feel that my bloodsugar had dropped. When this happens the ground feels like it’s moving and the funny part? We were crossing a busy bridge and the bridge was actually moving as in you could see it move! (freaky!) That’s when you feel you are about to loose it but end up super relieved when one of the other guys points this out as well ( he gets motion sickness! ) and its not just you experiencing these strange movements as they are actually happening. So, low blood sugar and a moving bridge was quite a new experience altogether! 😉

Le Relais de l’Entrecôte is a restaurant where you don’t have any options to choose the dinner, its salad, steak and fries! The waiters/waitresses are extremely fast and efficient and the food is yummy! You do however get to choose drinks and dessert and how you want your steak prepared. They write your steak preference down on the paper tablecloth so whoever serves you knows which one to get you and you get served twice! It was super busy and they do not take reservations so we were lucky we got a table! We sat on a long sofa against the wall so whenever someone has to use the facilities you have to push out the table as all the guests are basically locked into their seat with the tables leaving no room to squeeze yourself out without rearranging. Quite funny 🙂 We are definitely going back the next time we’re in town.


Salad, very basic but, good!

g3Steak and fries baby!

Hope your day is good!