Seriously, this is how I feel right now. Diabetes frustration! I have done some changes to my medication and yesterday as I was upping my insulin injection I managed to inject it in my muscle by accident and shortly thereafter ended up with such low blood sugar that my vision started to get blurry. I could see half of J, the rest of him was turning white and as I was drinking juice to get my levels back up all I wanted was to lean into hubby and fall asleep while sweat was pouring down my back and all over my body, I guess that’s what it feels like when you are about to fall into coma? Scary… Second time this has happened. Anywho as a result of this, my blood sugar has not been inside the ranges where I want them to be ( they are still in the safe range, just not in my personal target range ) since yesterday morning and it is just a bit of a struggle and I decided to vent a little bit again… I hope you guys are happier than me today 😀