Look, it’s so cute!


Pink and blue and sparkling all at once. Girlie heaven right there 😉 Okay, right..moving on…

The awful earthquake in Iran yesterday was felt here in Dubai as well. J called me from the office after they all had to evacuate the building due to it ( it’s a tall building and they felt it! scary.. )

Hubby came home earlier which was fun for me but, for sad reasons though..

When he called me from outside the building he obviously asked if I had felt it as apparently other people around the neighborhood had. I had not but, I could inform him that I had felt a bit strange a little bit before he called which I narrowed down to low blood sugar as I do feel the ground is moving when that happens so we figured that might have been me feeling the earthquake…my sugar was however a bit on the low side too.. It was almost a bit tragicomical :-O

I can foresee a yummy dinner, wine and the Amazing Race & Survivor on TV in my future… We were supposed to go to the auction at Christie’s this evening but, decided against it and will go next time instead 🙂