So, I am a bit of an online shopaholic I think.. I am expecting a delivery from Wildfox and Victoria’s Secret today and am waiting (im) patiently for it :-O Yes, we do have VS here as well but they don’t carry all of the items from the website so it’s totally justifiable to shop for it online even if sometimes other items which could be found here in Dubai sneak their way into the order as well.. I mean it’s only common sense to order those as well since your already gonna order other stuff anyway and would save the gas money by not going to the mall…and yes petrol is cheap here but you save a little I am sure..

Anywho, I got the jacket from this set the other week and am waiting for the pants, which are backordered ( fingers crossed they may be in the order I am receiving today! ), the material is super light and soft and is definitely gonna be a travel companion this summer oh, and aint it just so pretty and girly 😀 ( I am a sucker for comfy clothes )



Victoria’s Secret here : VS

The Wildfox sweater I ordered is this one right here, I love blue and thought this was kinda cutesy as well :


Wildfox UK here : Wildfox