Its the international tree hugging day today…okay not really but, it could be.. everyday could be a tree hugging day surely…

So, we have had a fun filled and busy weekend. We went to a YPO (young presidents organization) event at a villa in the Emirates Hills on Thursday. We heard a very moving and powerful speech from an Indian lady about sex trafficking. She herself was gang raped by 8 men in her past and she has helped thousands of other victims. She is a remarkable woman! It is a brutal world we live in…

Yesterday we went to a villa on the palm, also an event with the YPO, where we had pre concert drinks as they were all heading to the Bruno Mars concert later on. We could have gone too but, we weren’t quite sure about our schedule when the tickets were up for sale. We had a great time though. Adam Baptiste, a Swedish songwriter who has written for Enrique Iglesias and Usher to name a couple of artists was speaking to us all about song writing which was interesting. He had a really good singing voice as well! Oh and everyone was being driven in Bentley’s to the concert *jealous face* :-O

Today we have had a home made pizza feast and watched The Hobbit. We just got back from a power walk and am now gonna glue ourselves in front of the telly for the rest of the evening 🙂 Hope your having a fab Saturday 🙂