Oh the ways to amuse oneself while waiting for the hot hair rollers to cool down… My hairdresser was just shaking her head at me and my overgrown roots yesterday. I met her a few months ago at the grocery store and I told her about my grand plan to go all natural, she knew I would be back :-O They had even redecorated the salon, that’s how long it had been people!

Last night we had take out Arabic food with a few drinks and watched The Amazing Race ( my favorite show! ) and Survivor. Ahh I love those relaxing evenings. Weekend is just starting here and after all my rambling now, the rollers have cooled down and I am with this signing out 🙂

Have a great one people!


edit: As J is on the phone finishing up work for the day I thought I might as well show you the hair result as well, ta da :