We have had a fun weekend with friends. Ended mine with a surprise baby shower for a friend here. As she is leaving to have her baby in her home country soon it was a super short notice one so we were only four people. I had never met the two other girls before but, they were sweet and friendly 🙂 And in typical me fashion ( I can’t stand when the focus is on me ) I didn’t inform them of my diabetes in advance so let’s say the Pizza and cake pops and candy didn’t do it for me :-O What do you mean it’s hard when I can’t eat my favorite food..;-)

Oh well, a glass of wine offered for me instead of food certainly helped out and next time I am definitely informing people about my little friend. It’s a little funny as I didn’t want to make a fuss and it actually kinda stressed me out even more not telling them because they felt bad for me and I worried they felt guilty eating when I couldn’t..and that was the last thing I wanted. 🙂 Oh well, we live and learn!

Have a great Sunday guys 🙂