The weekend is just about to start here in the Middle East. It is cloudy for a change. L.O.V.E it! I am crossing my fingers for some rain later, just to make it perfect! 😀


We went to the cinema last night where we watched “Cottage Country” Holy C*** what a strange and disturbing movie. I got spooked and might have let out a little scream here and there a few times while other people laughed in places that I simply just didn’t find very all..maybe I was the problem..naw I choose not to believe such a thing about myself ;-P ! There were some funny moments mind you but, oh my… I would not recommend it, as I found it was just flat out disturbing and yucky. A bit too twisted humor for my sensitive soul 😉 Oh well, that’s just my “humble” opinion!

Have a great one people 🙂 Oh, and thanks for visiting my blog btw 🙂