I have always found the early Pin – Up girls truly fascinating with their feminine curves and girly looks.

The posters of the girls; drawn, painted or photographed, were of actresses, fashion and glamour models. The pictures were being mass produced and quite unsurprisingly became an instant success.

The pictures could be found as postcards, in calendars, magazines and newspapers. They were cut out and “pinned up” on the walls for ones own personal entertainment.. 😉

Some of these lovely ladies were :

Betty Grable

Bettie Page

Jayne Mansfield

Jayne Mansfield

During the World War 2 the Pin – Up girls were very popular amongst the soldiers and were pinned up on walls and even painted onto bomber planes:

Looking For More Pin-Ups

b1 b2

The Pin-Up’s were a nice distraction for the soldiers and a little reminder of home.

One of the artists that became very famous for his paitings of Pin-Up girls were Alberto Vargas. He worked for Esquire magazine and his painted girls were known as the “Varga Girls”. These are some of his creations:

varga2 varga3 varga1

I find them simply gorgeous!


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