We are definitely surrounded by cold weather compared to what we are used to. Palm trees have been traded with northern spruce trees and fresh crisp air. Love it!

The trip went well, it usually does with a glass of champagne and wine on the way, makes things a bit more festive 😉 And as I have a fear of flying it certainly numbs my nerves but, I do tend to become a bit more giggly though…

On one occasion ( a different trip ) on our way to Buenos Aires via London. I whispered to hubby : ” I am feeling kinda tipsy “. Hubby : ‘” You gotta act like you are sober as they may not take you on the plane! ” Me, I was mortified and tried acting as cool and collected as possible while walking through the security. The security guys commented on me looking giggly and happy, and I explained that it was only due to being nervous about our long flight to BA, they recommended I should drink lots and lots of alcohol ! lol. I certainly felt much better after that 😉