I am still sick and it still sux but, I am soldiering on ;-P

We had a fun day yesterday, it was J Day after all! It’s hubby’s birthday on Tuesday but, the Saturday before his birthday (unless its on a Saturday, duh!) is always his special day. Reasoning, he is super hard to buy presents for ( and I gotta save all the good idea’s for Christmas! ) So, on J Day day he gets to choose where and what we eat for lunch and dinner, what we will do that day + choose his own birthday present 🙂 I think its a great tradition!! So does he 😉

I kinda overdid my workout earlier, that’s what happens when you are stubborn and don’t care about your cold! Silly me. It is so much fun to exercise though + I watch my favorite series on my iPad while I am at it, so it’s super duper fun!!

I think it’s pretty clear ( pardon the pun ;-P ) what my fav drink is! I am sooo experimental and not at all a routine person…