* Good Morning Sunshine *

Good Morning

Another hotel living morning for me! J and I are renovating our flat at the moment, so we have resided in a hotel apartment for over a month now! As fun as hotel life is, I am quite ready to get back home 😀 ( I will miss the pool bar though! haha )

I can not wait for the renovations to be finished. Exciting! We are experiencing a few headaches at the moment though, but are positive it will all work out. If you have done a reno before, I am sure you know what I am talking about 😉 And if you have not done a reno before, I am positive you can also imagine things not always going so smoothly! But, that is all part of the charm, right? It will be worth it in the end though 🙂

This is from one of the first days when we moved into our temporary home. It could certainly be worse. We are so fortunate to have everything we need and more

I want to wish you a warm and cozy December day if you are in a cold climate…and if, like myself you are in a warmer climate, I wish you a comfortable and breezy day 😀






* 6 Years as a Type 1 Diabetic *


From Saadiyat Island yesterday. The water is such a dreamy colour…

Hey there reader 🙂

It has been a whole year since my last post!! As I have updated my blog every year since I got diagnosed with T1 Diabetes, I wanted to post something on this Diaversary as well ❤

I am so grateful for the invention of Insulin and being able to live with my illness as a result. There are literally a lot of ups and downs but, it is chin up and move along! Some days are harder than others, but luckily there are many good ones as well. ❤ It has become a bit easier since I started using the Freestyle Libre ( I mentioned this in last years post as well ) It helps to not have to prick my fingers all the time. Scanning is not as painful and a lot less messy! 😉

Yesterday hubby and I went to Saadiyat Island for a nice lunch at the beach. We shared some tapas and took some photos after. I just love the colour of the sea there. It is soooo dreamy…Dreamscape Deluxe

After our lunch we did a little cruising down the Corniche in Abu Dhabi. On our way home we decided to stop at River Land for a little snack and a walk around 😀 Riverland is part of Dubai Parks and Resorts, which is home to 3 Theme Parks and 1 Water Park. Riverland mostly consists of restaurants and you can walk around without having to buy entry passes to all the parks. Fun little stop to walk around and grab a bite to eat 😀

I hope you are doing well and enjoying the month of December 🙂

Have a wonderful day ❤















* 5 Years as a T1 Diabetic *


This is me in Yerevan, Armenia back in October  

Hi There!!

How are you? I hope you are doing great and thanks for visiting my blog! It is actually fun to see in my stats that I still have visitors.


As it is my 5th Anniversary as a type 1 diabetic, and I usually update about it on my blog, I just had to do that this year as well. My little diary.

All is well in diabetes land (wish I didn’t have it though!) But, at least I am healthy and my levels are where they should be, so I am pleased about that.

One new thing though is that in September, I started using a new glucose monitoring system. It is called Freestyle Libre. I have a sensor attached to my arm and I scan the reader over it to check my glucose levels whenever needed. This means less testing on fingers which is great. I do still have to test on my fingers when the glucose trend is either heading too low or too high though. I get a more accurate and immediate result that way.


Here is a link if you are curious what it looks like : https://www.freestylelibre.com.au

Still hoping for a cure one day.

In other news we went to a fun Christmas event last night. A lot of Champagne and wine so I am a little slow today haha. The decorations and what the organizers had put together was pretty impressive I have to say! Very festive!

I can not believe Christmas is just around the corner! I really feel 2016 has just flown by!

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Wishing you a lovely day  



* Weekend Summary *


This is me all happy go lucky on Thursday’s horse races at Meydan Racecourse  😀

A cousin of mine ( the brother of my other cousin who recently moved to the Middle East to join us ) was visiting with his wife over the weekend, so we all, including another couple of friends went to watch the horse races on the weekend.

I picked 2 out of 7 winners and hubby got 3 other out of the 7, so this couple picked in total 5 out of 7 winners and we were quite impressed with our skills  😉

It is a fun evening out with dinner and drinks included in the price.

Hubby, my cousin, his wife and yours truly ended the evening at the Mercury Lounge at the Four Seasons ( the place I praised in this post : Last day Of January ). I think they loved the place as much as I do! It is such an impressive view from the rooftop!


On the topic of rooftop bars. This is from last nights sundowners at the Hilton down by the beach. After the sun set, J and I walked to meet my cousins and the wifey for a cozy dinner before they had to go to the airport for their overnight flight back home. It was so much fun to get to spend time with them as I haven’t seen them in goodness knows how long!

Have a fabulous Sunday  ❤


* Sugar Low – Sugar High *


Treating a sugar low on Monday! Eating a gummy snake in the car. Oh well


I was supposed to run an errand at the mall after work with J but, my blood sugar was not cooperating that day! Those are the worst kind of days! So, I had to sit in the car balancing my sugar levels while my husband had to run the errand by himself. If anything I am lucky to have a supportive husband  ❤

I have had a couple of days with levels that have been very stubborn. I am hoping it will all balance out again quickly. I do not like it when I do not feel I have full control.

#atleastiamalive  ❤

On a funnier note, last night one of my colleagues sent me the following “HR Policy“.

I thought it was quite funny so I have to post it for you!!

 hrpHave a super day  ❤

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* Last Day Of January *


Hey  🙂

Wow, it is already the last day of the first month in 2016! Time flies!

The photo above is from last Monday. We had a YPO event to attend at the Four Seasons Hotel. J and I decided to go for some pre-dinner/event drinks first. So we went to the rooftop barMercury Lounge first. Oh my goodness the view was superb and I loved the place! Gorgeous skyline views. To my left, in the background you can make out Burj Khalifa ( The World’s Tallest Building ). Fun fun fun!!


Selfie time at Mc Gettigans

After work on Thursday, hubby, my cousin and I went to Mc Gettigans ( Irish Pub ) for some after work drinks and dinner. I was super tired during the day as I didn’t get a proper night’s sleep but, luckily I managed to catch a second wind and wake up! We stumbled back to my cousin’s place for some night caps after. Very cozy Thursday evening!


Have a super Sunday 🙂


* Christmas Time = Family Time *


Good Morning  🙂

As some of you may have noticed I tried updating the blog yesterday but, I had some major issues with the images. I think it works again now. Was more than a little frustrating! Oh well.

I met a super sweet friend the other day! I simply had to have a photo with this cute Ginger Bread Man 


At the moment I am enjoying spending time with my family. Christmas is almost here. I am very fortunate to get to spend it with my loved ones


This photo is from Saturday, when I went for a lunch date with my hubby, sis and her man. It was so cozy catching up over some wine and good food. As you can see it was quite windy. If I can’t get snow, I am satisfied with grey, rainy and windy weather. The first time we saw some sun since arriving, was yesterday!  For someone used to waking up to sunshine almost every single day, I sort of feel like I never really wake up when it is so dark outside  🙂

At the moment my man is in a meeting and I am thinking of doing some exercises before jumping into the shower and properly start my day  🙂

Have a lovely day wherever you are


* 4 Years as a T1 Diabetic and Ready to Party! *


This is yours truly right now! I wanted to pop in and say hi real quick! Just finished doing my hair and make-up before heading out for a Christmas party. Still need to get dressed though! 🙂

Also my official T1 Diabetes Anniversary!

The weekend has started here, so I really should run but, speak again soon! ❤

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* Post Card From Fujairah *


= Good Afternoon =

Sending a  postcard from Fujairah, UAE. Okay it is from last weekend, but whatever… 😀

I haven’t mentioned it here but, my cousin moved to the UAE back in August, to be part of my hubby’s business. Fun to have family around again 🙂 Last weekend we took him on a tour to several of the other Emirates, on a bit of a sightseeing. We had lunch at RJJ’s Restaurant and Bar, located in Fujairah’s International Marine Club building. We had good food on their outside terrace overlooking the Indian Ocean / Arabian Sea. It was such a lovely day for touring around. I think my cousin enjoyed himself. We ended the day with some drinks at our place 🙂

I got back from the mall a little while ago. I had to get a couple of gifts for a Christmas party we are attending this weekend. Secret Santa business 😉 I also may have ended up shopping something for myself too… Oh well, it happens. When I am buying gifts, wether in a regular store or an online one, I always seem to add something extra into the mix for myself... I am bad!! 😀 Haha!!

Anywho, have a superb day and thanks for visiting 🙂


* Almost 4 Years as a Type 1 Diabetic *


Hi there 😀

It has been a while! First of all, it is so much fun to see that I still have traffic on my blog! At least according to my stats 😀 As I mentioned a while back I am very active on Instagram these days. You can find me here : SweetCandyDreamer

So, to the headline ; As I have documented my T1 Diabetes Anniversaries on my blog these past 4 years, I kinda felt the need to continue it 🙂

I just went for my regular check up yesterday and my levels were good and where they should be, so I am very pleased about that 😀

The official anniversary date is the 10th of December but I wanted to update today! 😀

I can’t believe it has been 4 years, although funny enough, I can at the same time. Life before it feels so sooo long ago though. ( Miss those days! ) But, I am just happy and grateful that it is a condition I can live quite well with. 🙂

It would be amazing if there was to be a cure one day. I will always hope

Have a super day, and who knows maybe I will start posting a little bit more again 🙂

Almost Christmas!!!