* 5 Years as a T1 Diabetic *


This is me in Yerevan, Armenia back in October  

Hi There!!

How are you? I hope you are doing great and thanks for visiting my blog! It is actually fun to see in my stats that I still have visitors.


As it is my 5th Anniversary as a type 1 diabetic, and I usually update about it on my blog, I just had to do that this year as well. My little diary.

All is well in diabetes land (wish I didn’t have it though!) But, at least I am healthy and my levels are where they should be, so I am pleased about that.

One new thing though is that in September, I started using a new glucose monitoring system. It is called Freestyle Libre. I have a sensor attached to my arm and I scan the reader over it to check my glucose levels whenever needed. This means less testing on fingers which is great. I do still have to test on my fingers when the glucose trend is either heading too low or too high though. I get a more accurate and immediate result that way.


Here is a link if you are curious what it looks like : https://www.freestylelibre.com.au

Still hoping for a cure one day.

In other news we went to a fun Christmas event last night. A lot of Champagne and wine so I am a little slow today haha. The decorations and what the organizers had put together was pretty impressive I have to say! Very festive!

I can not believe Christmas is just around the corner! I really feel 2016 has just flown by!

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Wishing you a lovely day  



* Weekend Summary *


This is me all happy go lucky on Thursday’s horse races at Meydan Racecourse  😀

A cousin of mine ( the brother of my other cousin who recently moved to the Middle East to join us ) was visiting with his wife over the weekend, so we all, including another couple of friends went to watch the horse races on the weekend.

I picked 2 out of 7 winners and hubby got 3 other out of the 7, so this couple picked in total 5 out of 7 winners and we were quite impressed with our skills  😉

It is a fun evening out with dinner and drinks included in the price.

Hubby, my cousin, his wife and yours truly ended the evening at the Mercury Lounge at the Four Seasons ( the place I praised in this post : Last day Of January ). I think they loved the place as much as I do! It is such an impressive view from the rooftop!


On the topic of rooftop bars. This is from last nights sundowners at the Hilton down by the beach. After the sun set, J and I walked to meet my cousins and the wifey for a cozy dinner before they had to go to the airport for their overnight flight back home. It was so much fun to get to spend time with them as I haven’t seen them in goodness knows how long!

Have a fabulous Sunday  ❤


* Sugar Low – Sugar High *


Treating a sugar low on Monday! Eating a gummy snake in the car. Oh well


I was supposed to run an errand at the mall after work with J but, my blood sugar was not cooperating that day! Those are the worst kind of days! So, I had to sit in the car balancing my sugar levels while my husband had to run the errand by himself. If anything I am lucky to have a supportive husband  ❤

I have had a couple of days with levels that have been very stubborn. I am hoping it will all balance out again quickly. I do not like it when I do not feel I have full control.

#atleastiamalive  ❤

On a funnier note, last night one of my colleagues sent me the following “HR Policy“.

I thought it was quite funny so I have to post it for you!!

 hrpHave a super day  ❤

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* Last Day Of January *


Hey  🙂

Wow, it is already the last day of the first month in 2016! Time flies!

The photo above is from last Monday. We had a YPO event to attend at the Four Seasons Hotel. J and I decided to go for some pre-dinner/event drinks first. So we went to the rooftop barMercury Lounge first. Oh my goodness the view was superb and I loved the place! Gorgeous skyline views. To my left, in the background you can make out Burj Khalifa ( The World’s Tallest Building ). Fun fun fun!!


Selfie time at Mc Gettigans

After work on Thursday, hubby, my cousin and I went to Mc Gettigans ( Irish Pub ) for some after work drinks and dinner. I was super tired during the day as I didn’t get a proper night’s sleep but, luckily I managed to catch a second wind and wake up! We stumbled back to my cousin’s place for some night caps after. Very cozy Thursday evening!


Have a super Sunday 🙂


* Christmas Time = Family Time *


Good Morning  🙂

As some of you may have noticed I tried updating the blog yesterday but, I had some major issues with the images. I think it works again now. Was more than a little frustrating! Oh well.

I met a super sweet friend the other day! I simply had to have a photo with this cute Ginger Bread Man 


At the moment I am enjoying spending time with my family. Christmas is almost here. I am very fortunate to get to spend it with my loved ones


This photo is from Saturday, when I went for a lunch date with my hubby, sis and her man. It was so cozy catching up over some wine and good food. As you can see it was quite windy. If I can’t get snow, I am satisfied with grey, rainy and windy weather. The first time we saw some sun since arriving, was yesterday!  For someone used to waking up to sunshine almost every single day, I sort of feel like I never really wake up when it is so dark outside  🙂

At the moment my man is in a meeting and I am thinking of doing some exercises before jumping into the shower and properly start my day  🙂

Have a lovely day wherever you are


* 4 Years as a T1 Diabetic and Ready to Party! *


This is yours truly right now! I wanted to pop in and say hi real quick! Just finished doing my hair and make-up before heading out for a Christmas party. Still need to get dressed though! 🙂

Also my official T1 Diabetes Anniversary!

The weekend has started here, so I really should run but, speak again soon! ❤

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* Post Card From Fujairah *


= Good Afternoon =

Sending a  postcard from Fujairah, UAE. Okay it is from last weekend, but whatever… 😀

I haven’t mentioned it here but, my cousin moved to the UAE back in August, to be part of my hubby’s business. Fun to have family around again 🙂 Last weekend we took him on a tour to several of the other Emirates, on a bit of a sightseeing. We had lunch at RJJ’s Restaurant and Bar, located in Fujairah’s International Marine Club building. We had good food on their outside terrace overlooking the Indian Ocean / Arabian Sea. It was such a lovely day for touring around. I think my cousin enjoyed himself. We ended the day with some drinks at our place 🙂

I got back from the mall a little while ago. I had to get a couple of gifts for a Christmas party we are attending this weekend. Secret Santa business 😉 I also may have ended up shopping something for myself too… Oh well, it happens. When I am buying gifts, wether in a regular store or an online one, I always seem to add something extra into the mix for myself... I am bad!! 😀 Haha!!

Anywho, have a superb day and thanks for visiting 🙂


* Almost 4 Years as a Type 1 Diabetic *


Hi there 😀

It has been a while! First of all, it is so much fun to see that I still have traffic on my blog! At least according to my stats 😀 As I mentioned a while back I am very active on Instagram these days. You can find me here : SweetCandyDreamer

So, to the headline ; As I have documented my T1 Diabetes Anniversaries on my blog these past 4 years, I kinda felt the need to continue it 🙂

I just went for my regular check up yesterday and my levels were good and where they should be, so I am very pleased about that 😀

The official anniversary date is the 10th of December but I wanted to update today! 😀

I can’t believe it has been 4 years, although funny enough, I can at the same time. Life before it feels so sooo long ago though. ( Miss those days! ) But, I am just happy and grateful that it is a condition I can live quite well with. 🙂

It would be amazing if there was to be a cure one day. I will always hope

Have a super day, and who knows maybe I will start posting a little bit more again 🙂

Almost Christmas!!!


* Monday Morning *


My little sporty outfit from the other day! I love comfy’s and workout clothes! 😀

It is Monday morning and I am sooo tired! A typical Monday today then 😉

Last night J and I started watching ‘Last Tango In Halifax’. What a super cozy series. We had to continue watching in bed, so we ended up going to sleeps a bit late. 🙂 I definitely recommend it 🙂

Wishing you a fab Monday and hope you aren’t as slow as I am today! 😀 Also, I hope you had a lovely weekend 🙂

I am gonna kick my butt and have a work out in a little bit. That’s the plan anyway 😉


* Happy Friday! Weekend Is Here! *


I got my hubby back from business travels last night! Yay! I am not a big fan of being alone for too long, so it was so good to have him back ❤ I am thinking I will most likely go with him the next time, as it has been a while since I last joined him. It is way more fun than being by myself, for sure! 😀

We caught up over some wine and snacks by the dining room table when he arrived home. Super cozy 🙂

The weekend has already started for us, as we have Thursday – Saturday weekends here in the Middle East.

The heat and humidity has also arrived in full force! The other day you could basically see and touch the humidity! I walked outside for about 10 min and I was soaked! Not exactly pleasant! I feel for the people who does labour work outside. Hats off to them!

Have a super day 😀