* Sporty Girl In Roots *


I L O V E Roots! There, I said it… phew it feels so good to get that off my chest ;-)

My trips to Canada just wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t make it to at least 1 Roots store! I love the stuff, it’s almost like a little clothing addiction! I adore this sporty tank I got on our last trip :-D Girly and fun!! 

We had a nice weekend btw. On Thursday it was the season opening for an organization hubby is a member of. The original venue had to be switched last minute so, another couple in the organization volunteered to host instead. They recently moved into a stunning new Villa, or would it be a Mansion? Their home was gorgeous for sure! Also, well done to them for putting it all together on such a short notice! :-) When we got home after the party I decided I was super hungry so I made us something snacky and yummy to eat while we watched a movie. :-) Eventually we found our way to bed :-D

The rest of the weekend we have just relaxed, watched series, had good food and done a little shopping :-) A lovely weekend all in all <3


I hope you have had a wonderful weekend and am enjoying your day today :-)



* Don’t laugh… *


Okay, you are totally allowed to :-D I came across this photo while going through our Antarctica trip pictures. It was quite the interesting weather this particular day and I was a little cold and miserable out on the water haha… I wonder if maybe that shows on my face :-D I just had to share!

Speaking of pictures and trips and such, I am in the process of selecting and printing photos to put into albums / scrapbooks. I quite enjoy it and, I think it is also more fun to show photos in a handheld album to friends and family than on an electronic device always :-)

On another topic, I feel there has been an unseen autumn wind that has passed by me really quickly and snatched my summer tan… just like it makes the leaves fall of the trees! Oh well, time for a new season and a new look I guess ;-)

Wishing you a wonderful day!


* Daylight Bright *


The sun is shining…as usual…I talked to my mom about that yesterday…and how it is possible to get depressed due to a lack of proper seasons. I get so overly excited when it gets cloudy it’s almost silly! I then always cross my fingers for a little storm! Yup, I do that, that’s how much I crave a change! :-D

On a different note, it is so interesting to see the growth which is happening across the city. So many new schools, new villas and buildings are popping up all over the place. Sometimes it is so fascinating to just stop and observe the changes around you :-)

I hope you are having a wonderful day :-)


* Camera Excitement!! *


I am super duper excited as I ordered a new camera a little earlier today. I got the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Instant Camera. I ordered a lot of fun film for it too!!! Girly heaven!!! :-D

I am gonna go all photo crazy now! ( Acting like I am not a little photography crazy already.. )

I had a good workout on the treadmill earlier, or somewhat good considering how lazy bones I felt ;-) I got a bit wiped out yesterday morning as I managed to inject my insulin into a muscle :-( Suddenly my bloodsugars went way low and I had to call hubby for him to be on the phone with me while I managed to get it leveled again. It is so not fun when that happens… As a result of a little bit messed up insulin levels I woke up with very low levels early this morning. It kinda drains you a bit for energy… Oh well, such is life :-)


I hope you are having a super day!


* Hi *


I hope you are having a lovely weekend so far! :-)

We had some good friends over for dinner last night. It was such a great evening with yummy drinks and food. Hubby made a super tasty veggie stew. Today though.. I have been a right mess! Sometimes you just have to suffer through that self inflicted pain. I have been watching series in bed, had snacks and just finished watching a movie with J. All in all not a totally terrible day when I think of it :-D





* Birthday Girl!!! *


Weeee, that’s meeee, I am the Birthday Girl!!!! :-D Haha :-D

I woke up to coffee and presents in bed from my hubby this morning. I could absolutely get used to that :-D I think it could be a weekly thing :-D

I have had some nice phone calls from family and have finished a good workout. I have a birthday dinner date my hubby later <3

Wishing you all a wonderful day and hope you are having a lovely weekend so far :-)


* Girl in Green *


So comfy to wear shorts and a tank!

I feel like I want to go on a vacation every day now, I think hubby has created a monster ;-) Oh well, at least I got my spray tan to pretend or stroll across the street and hang out by the pool there :-D

I think I might head to the mall for a little shopping later and meet hubby for dinner after. He is very patient but, when I get into trying on most things I see, I can forgive him for getting a bit restless! ;-)

Wishing you a wonderful day !


* Loving little breaks *


One of my favorite things while traveling; slipping into a silky baby doll with a glass of wine before getting dressed and ready for an evening out :-)

I have enjoyed our little weekend get aways lately. As mentioned earlier our original vacation plans were cancelled so, instead we have had fun weekends on different beach resorts close to home :-) A pretty good second if you ask me. In fact, I am glad our original plans didn’t pan out after all :-)

The only thing missing this summer was visiting family. <3 We get visitors in November though, from both our families, so yay for that :-)



Wishing you a lovely day :-)



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