* Happy and also Very Upset *


Confusing title, right? It is quite possible to be both :-)

I forgot to mention that I went for my 3 month average blood glucose check up last week and, my levels are great and right where they should be so I am so happy :-D

On a different note, but on the same subject, recently someone I know was being completely out of line regarding my T1 diabetes. The person decided they knew better then me on how to handle my illness and, criticized, commented and needed to have a say in most things I did ( I didn’t actually do anything wrong! ). The person made small digs whenever an opportunity seemed to have presented itself and found it appropriate to bring up the subject of my illness around people I do not even know and, made comments to them about what I can and cannot eat. This person has absolutely no idea how I manage my diabetes, and how I live my life but, found it their business to just assume. Every time I attempted to explain the situation to make the person understand that they were inaccurate, I was talked over and pretty much ignored. I am not sure if I have ever felt so stressed out and tense in my body before. I could go into specific details of the whole horrific time that was spent in the presence of this person but that serves no purpose. It was just a whole lot of disrespect! I am just upset that I allowed someone to treat me that way in the first place! And even worse, I don’t think the person even realized how out of line and completely wrong they were…In fact, I think the person feels like the victim… People should have their facts right before they speak out about something they do not have the correct knowledge about.

 My blood boils just writing this because the whole situation was so extremely uncomfortable and in hindsight, I should have left the place sooner than I did. You live and learn…. Luckily I had the support of my husband and, my mom and family was only a phone call away.

Wishing you a wonderful day and, never let anyone bring you down, they are simply not worth it.


* Catching Up *


I am a huge fan of comfy’s ya know!

We had a great catch up with my brother in law and his fiancé earlier in the week. It turned into a late one but, totally worth it :-) The day after we had a birthday party at some great friend’s of ours house, it also turned into a late one! :-D Takes a little bit to recover after 2 big sessions.. oh no, age is catching up! I do believe you are only as old as you feel though, so I am totally fine ;-)

Weekend is about to start here and next week there will be Eid celebrations so J has some time off work!!!! Yay!!! :-D

Wishing you a lovely day wherever you are and that you are safe from all the trouble in this world…


* Pool and Shopping *


We headed over to the pool earlier today to read and tan a bit :-) It was quite hot, so we didn’t stay too long but, it was nice to be outside for a little while! So, when it’s too warm outside there is usually a very nicely air-conditioned shopping centre around so we went on a little spree ;-) Fun time! After our shopping time we went to the Golf Club for a bite to eat. Some restaurants are open during the day even though it’s Ramadan. I like that, as it’s nice to have a meal out every now and then during the day :-)


I hope your weekend is super so far!


* SummerTime *

bc22Oh, how I love the summer time… It is a bit too hot to be outside for very long here in the Middle East though, so this is a photo from Parksville a couple of weeks ago :-) I wish it was about 15 – 20 degrees Celsius cooler here, that would be perfect! Most people have left the city for the grueling hot months + it is Ramadan which means the city is pretty empty and quiet. I kinda like it, less traffic and lots of parking spots :-D Haha, it’s the little things that matters:-D

I hope your summer day today is just perfect :-)



* Little bits of me *


I am Norwegian *
I love to travel and have been to all 7 continents *
I took my first tattoo when I was 15… my 2nd -> 1 week later! *
* I used to be a competitive swimmer. 200 meter breaststroke was my favorite! *
I love Donald Duck comic books :D *

Just a few little things about me today :-D

I hope you are having a super weekend!


* Bye bye BC *


Beautiful Vancouver. I will miss you!

We had such gorgeous weather on the trip. J and I traveled a bit around in BC by ourselves for a little vacation time before we visited some family. The end stop of our trip was in Vancouver to kinda unwind from the trip as it was a bit stressful at times. It was nice to just relax and enjoy each others company before the long journey home :-) Nothing like spending quality time with my man <3

I could do without this terrible 11 hour jet lag though! Hopefully I will be a bit more human in a few days ;-)

It is so hot here, it makes me super claustrophobic, I was hoping for a thunderstorm or something this morning but, no luck.. I want some rain :-D

I miss my family as we usually see them in the summer but, we couldn’t make it this year :( Hopefully we will see them in the not too distant future <3


I hope you are having a super day!


* Girly Moose on the Loose *


This girly moose was on the loose in Vancouver on Canada Day

bc14After a little while the moose had to check her blood sugar which had gone a little low…


She pondered about life while waiting for her blood glucose levels to rise


The moose girl admired the beautiful city of Vancouver from afar…


Then she had to smile to her lovely hubby moose :-D


She finally wandered back into her element... ;-)

I hope you like the photos and, happy 4th of July to those of you who are celebrating today :-D

Wishing you a wonderful day!


* Mini Golf Fun Time *


I am just like a child! How much fun isn’t mini golf and, being surrounded by lots of cheerful colors and things? :-D


You certainly can’t fault my playing style! You could be forgiven to think I do this on a daily basis…


I even got a pink ball that matched my shirt :-)


Wishing you a wonderful day :-)



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