* Porsche Boxster GTS *


As it was J’s Birthday weekend, we had a fun little sports car for the weekend! We were cruuuisinnng!! :-D My gosh, the sound of that engine! I could listen to it all day :-D

J’s mom is coming later this week so we look forward to that :-)

Hope you are all doing well!


* In Black & Grey *

blbd1And it is hubby’s BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday my Love <3

We had coffee and little presents in bed this morning :-) Cozy to spend some quality time together on J’s special day :-) Birthday’s are fun!! :-D


I have had some breakfast and need to go and get myself all put together. I gotta head out in a bit and don’t want to frighten people ;-)

Wishing you a wonderful day!


* Out for a Good Time With Sis *


We have had such a fun weekend together <3

Early this morning J also got back from Vietnam and, I am so glad to have him back home <3

Sis is by the pool and I am gonna exercise in a bit. Just waiting for my blood sugar levels to rise. I will sign out now :-)

Wishing you a lovely day!


* New Car & Sister Visit *


I am sitting here waiting for both! On the same day! How much fun is that?!! :-D Lucky girl!

I sold my truck on Saturday and headed straight to the dealership to buy a newer version :-D So exciting!! I am supposed to pick it up today so am waiting “patiently” for the call :-)

And, my sis is on her way on a plane! :-D


Wishing you a wonderful day!


* Beauty & The Beast *


On Thursday we headed out of town for the weekend. The reason was that I got a weekend away and tickets to Beauty & The Beast the musical for my birthday, back in August. Hubby spoils me <3 We have had such a fun filled weekend. We went to Ferrari world as well. J took the worlds fastest roller coaster…and me? I really wanted to but, as I was a teeny tiny bit hungover… I was certain my nerves were not up for it that day ;-) I did take a lighter version roller coaster and other things more me friendly on a shattered day ;-) I am definitely going back another time to take the fast ride though :-D

But, on to the main event, the musical. I LOVED it, it was magical………

Beauty & The Beast is amongst my favorite Disney movies and the musical really captured the beauty of it. It was so enchanting and wonderful. Thank you again hubby for the lovely gift


I hope you are enjoying your weekend so far :-)



* So very happy *



I went for my ususal Diabetes checkup yesterday, as it was time to do my HbA1c test again. The test gives me my average bloodsugar levels for the last few months. My levels were right where they should be and I am so relieved and happy :-D It is not fun to have to live with the illness every day but, it is at least good to know that all the work I put in, brings me some rewards :-)

jd2Wishing you a wonderful and healthy day <3 Thank you for reading :-)


Ps. I changed my header and hope you like it :-)



* Christmas tunes… *


I wasn’t sure if I was quite going to admit it but, I have kinda slowly started to listen to Christmas music…. It is so cozy <3 Right now I am playingWhere are you Christmas ‘ by Faith Hill. I love that song :-)

We had some cute kids popping by our door for Halloween. One cutie little girl decided she wanted to have a look inside, so she wandered into our living room haha :-D So adorable… Did you guys have a nice weekend? I hope so :-)


 Wishing you a lovely day / evening


* Booo… It’s the spookiest day… *


In the spirit of the spooky day, I am trying to match my facial expressions for it… I hope you won’t get too scared… :-D

J got back from business travels yesterday and we headed out for some sundowners and dinner by the beach :-)


We are gonna give the terrace + one of the balconies a good hose down today as we are having guests next month!! We can’t let them get all sandy and stuff :-D


Wishing you a Happy and Spooky H a l l o w e e n + a wonderful weekend ahead :-)


* It’s Simply Tuesday *


You know what? I am horrible at falling asleep at night! I can be super tired but, as soon as this head hits the pillow my mind starts working on a million things and it is so hard to stop all the thoughts! In the morning however, I LOVE my sleepy :-D One day I have got to get this right ;-)

I have done a little cleaning today (so insanely fun, I know!) :-D I got back a little while ago from a nice walk outside in the sunny but windy weather. Nothing beats fresh (and a bit sandy) air, walking and listening to music. It takes a lot of strength not to sing out loud though!! I do mime sometimes… I kid you not :-D Thee hee…

cp1I have some projects to continue so I have to finish now ( I will finish my coffee before I do anything though! ) :-)

Wishing you a super day!



* Home and In a Purply kinda Mood *

prplh2Hey there :-)

We got home late last night from visiting my family. It was such a loooong travel day! I had the alarm on for 6 am in the morning, however I apparently decided to sleep until 2 am and lay awake for 4 hours instead! How frustrating! I couldn’t get a wink of sleep, just tossing and turning..! And, to add to that, when we were packing in the morning and getting ready to head to the airport, my bloodsugar levels kept dropping constantly and I felt so unwell! I actually broke down and cried I was so exhausted from it all. I must have been quite the sight… sobbing and packing :-) Hubby helped me out so much… so thank you my love <3

It is always so sad to say goodbye to my family :( We had such a wonderful time, I can’t believe how fast the last 2 weeks have flown by! I guess that’s what happens when you are having fun :-D Thank you mom and dad for having us <3 We miss all of you already!!!


Wishing you a wonderful day and evening :-)



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