* Family Time *


Lately I have enjoyed fresh crisp air, windy weather, rain and sun! But, most importantly I have got to spend time with the people I love :-) I headed to visit my family ahead of hubby this time, as he was too busy to stay for the same amount of time as me. We have been spoilt with yummy dinners! Both of my parents could be Chefs!!! They are brilliant in the kitchen! :-D Today I have been lazing around watching series while listening to the stormy weather outside. We have a dinner party to attend to later which we are very much looking forward to :-)

I hope your weekend is super so far!


* Girly Evening *


I was invited to a good friend of mines housewarming party last night. It was such a lovely evening <3 I met some of her other girlfriends as well and they were all so nice. It was fab to see my friends and meet new ones at the same time :-) I loved catching up with everyone <3 Thank you so much for a wonderful time :-)


I will see hubby again too in the not so distant future after travels!! Miss him lots <3

I hope your weekend has been fab and that you are enjoying a cozy Sunday.



* Darker Shades *


I feel that a bit of darker clothing and lip stick is appropriate for my first October post ;-)

J and I just had a little Lebanese food, take out feast! So cozy to order lunch on the weekend and eat by the dining room table together :-) Before our yummy food we went for an hour walk in the heat! We were supposed to go for a longer walk but we had to cut it short due to the warm temperature and the beating sun! My fingers looked like chubby little sausages as they sometimes swell up in the heat haha :-D They are normal again now though ;-)


For those of you who has cooler weather, I would gladly trade ya! :-)


It is the month of Halloween!!! Spooky times….

Wishing you a wonderful and spook free day or maybe just a little spookiness, enough to keep you on your toes ;-)


* Sparkly Heart / Dan Rather *


A little sparkle is a must on any given day ;-)

I just had a yummy stir fried fish salad. Good start to the day!

I am happy to see that so many of you liked my previous post :-D

Last night I watched The Big Interview where Dan Rather interviewed Simon Cowell. Very interesting to know a little bit more about him, he sure has done well for himself! :-)

Oh, on a fun note, I met Dan Rather years ago on a train ride from New York to Washington D.C with my cousin. My cousin recognized him and, me feeling quite courageous with a little bit of happy juice in me, went and asked him for his autograph!! I got it! Haha :-D A little story for you today :-D


The last few days I have started the photo printing process for the album I am making. I mentioned about it in this post : Album

My goodness it is quite the project I have started! I need to get back to printing today:-D I hope the end product will turn out just fab!


Have a sparkly and super day! :-D


* Big Mix Of BlackBerry Pics *


Dinner out in Ras Al Khaima

This is a big update from my BlackBerry photos :-D I hope you will like the pictures.. :-)


Girly Book and a Beer


Just playin’ around :-D


Homemade Tuna Salad


Drops of Rain


Little Covered Lady in Tehran


The Tourist in Iran


Beautiful Norwegian Scenery


A glass of white wine in-between flights at Hong Kong Airport


Random Deer outside a house in British Columbia


UAE beach


A coffee break in-between our Big Foot hunting ;-)


Crossing the International Date Line


A glass of wine to get over jet-lag (or make it worse) anyway it was tasty ;-p


One of my favorite salads ; Peppered and Smoked Mackerel with Pesto

( I love my fish, maybe that is most definitely the Norwegian in me! )


Smile to The Mirror


Floating Girl… From my Birthday Dinner :-D

I hope you enjoyed the rather large image post today.

Wishing you a super duper day :-D


* Just Havin’ Fun *

jhfHey, I hope you had a fun weekend :-)

We had a good one and, on Saturday night we headed over to some friends of ours house for dinner and drinks. They are both from India and their chef made the most delicious dinner! It was divine! We had a lovely time with great company and conversations :-) At some point I realized time had been ticking away and they were so kind to let us have their driver take us home so we could find our bed :-D I was hurting a tad bit yesterday I have to say… In full form again today though :-D


J and I went for a long walk earlier. It is finally starting to be a bit more pleasant outsidestill hot but, for the most of the time, bearable!! Yay for that! I am tired of feeling claustrophobic :-D We have just caught up on the X-factor and are relaxing before sleepy time :-)


Hope you are doing super!



* Braided Viking Girl *


I love braids! :-)

I went to the hairdresser earlier today to get a little refreshed, it always feels so lovely afterwards, like a brand new me :-D This photo is taken before the hairdresser though!

I am pretty pleased with the salon I am using at the moment, and I find that so important. They always listen to what I want and it actually turns out that way too :-) Not bad in my book! A little secret? I have started to cut my own hair :-D Although I am super happy with the place I go to now, they have actually never got to cut it as I have been so disappointed in the past at other salons, where they used to cut waaay more than I wanted them to!

Hope your day is super!


* Sporty Girl In Roots *


I L O V E Roots! There, I said it… phew it feels so good to get that off my chest ;-)

My trips to Canada just wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t make it to at least 1 Roots store! I love the stuff, it’s almost like a little clothing addiction! I adore this sporty tank I got on our last trip :-D Girly and fun!! 

We had a nice weekend btw. On Thursday it was the season opening for an organization hubby is a member of. The original venue had to be switched last minute so, another couple in the organization volunteered to host instead. They recently moved into a stunning new Villa, or would it be a Mansion? Their home was gorgeous for sure! Also, well done to them for putting it all together on such a short notice! :-) When we got home after the party I decided I was super hungry so I made us something snacky and yummy to eat while we watched a movie. :-) Eventually we found our way to bed :-D

The rest of the weekend we have just relaxed, watched series, had good food and done a little shopping :-) A lovely weekend all in all <3


I hope you have had a wonderful weekend and am enjoying your day today :-)



* Don’t laugh… *


Okay, you are totally allowed to :-D I came across this photo while going through our Antarctica trip pictures. It was quite the interesting weather this particular day and I was a little cold and miserable out on the water haha… I wonder if maybe that shows on my face :-D I just had to share!

Speaking of pictures and trips and such, I am in the process of selecting and printing photos to put into albums / scrapbooks. I quite enjoy it and, I think it is also more fun to show photos in a handheld album to friends and family than on an electronic device always :-)

On another topic, I feel there has been an unseen autumn wind that has passed by me really quickly and snatched my summer tan… just like it makes the leaves fall of the trees! Oh well, time for a new season and a new look I guess ;-)

Wishing you a wonderful day!


* Daylight Bright *


The sun is shining…as usual…I talked to my mom about that yesterday…and how it is possible to get depressed due to a lack of proper seasons. I get so overly excited when it gets cloudy it’s almost silly! I then always cross my fingers for a little storm! Yup, I do that, that’s how much I crave a change! :-D

On a different note, it is so interesting to see the growth which is happening across the city. So many new schools, new villas and buildings are popping up all over the place. Sometimes it is so fascinating to just stop and observe the changes around you :-)

I hope you are having a wonderful day :-)



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