* Girl in Green *


So comfy to wear shorts and a tank!

I feel like I want to go on a vacation every day now, I think hubby has created a monster ;-) Oh well, at least I got my spray tan to pretend or stroll across the street and hang out by the pool there :-D

I think I might head to the mall for a little shopping later and meet hubby for dinner after. He is very patient but, when I get into trying on most things I see, I can forgive him for getting a bit restless! ;-)

Wishing you a wonderful day !


* Loving little breaks *


One of my favorite things while traveling; slipping into a silky baby doll with a glass of wine before getting dressed and ready for an evening out :-)

I have enjoyed our little weekend get aways lately. As mentioned earlier our original vacation plans were cancelled so, instead we have had fun weekends on different beach resorts close to home :-) A pretty good second if you ask me. In fact, I am glad our original plans didn’t pan out after all :-)

The only thing missing this summer was visiting family. <3 We get visitors in November though, from both our families, so yay for that :-)



Wishing you a lovely day :-)


* Little Moose *


It’s impossible to leave the little moose at home! She likes to follow me absolutely

e v e r y w h e r e ….  :-D

It is already Wednesday and a new weekend is fast approaching! I can’t believe fall is just around the corner as well, although with the heat we have it really is hard to believe… When I hear others talk about the first signs of autumn I get a tiny bit jealous! Fall is such a cosy season :-)

I hope you are having a lovely day :-)


* Mini Vacation *


This is when we had just arrived at the Hotel after leaving the airport. I was a little bit sad, a little bit happy, a little bit all over the place :-D

By the way, thank you so much for your lovely comments in my previous post, you guys are so kind <3


After we got checked in we decided there was nothing else to do than get dressed up and have some wine and check out the bars and restaurants :-D It most deinitely  cheered both of us up ;-)

ono3I certainly couldn’t fault anything on our terrace, it was super!

We spent most of the time by the pool though as the sea was like a hot tub :-D

I hope you are having a wonderful day :-)


* The Girly Moose… *


…is yet again on the loose…although this time she has wandered into the Middle East and not Canada…she was supposed to be in Indonesia though…

mol3 molOn Thursday we were supposed to go for a holiday in Indonesia and Malaysia, however after we had checked in at the airport and sat down to wait for our flight with a glass of wine, hubby had a business emergency he needed to take care of so, we had to cancel our trip last minute and have our luggage unloaded from the plane :-( I have to admit I was quite sad and actually started to cry a little… I had been so looking forward to go on a holiday but, we definitely made the right decision to stay put in country. As J didn’t want to take his sad and crying wife home he checked us into a beach resort for the weekend instead. He is wonderful for sure  :D We ended up having a mini vacation 15 minutes from home and it really felt like a proper vacation so a big smile to that :-D

I hope you are doing great :)



* Soft and Feminine *


A little different from the brightness of the last post but, sometimes a more softer look is good too :-)



I hope you like the photos :-)

Speaking of photos, I got some new passport photos taken last week as I need a new passport shortly. Oh my goodness I look absolutely awful in them. Obviously you are not supposed to smile, so I look so weird, as I was all smiley and talking to the photographer and then had to quickly switch to a completely stony face! It does not look good! Haha :-D I have never had a great passport photo. It’s just my thing ;-)

Wishing you a wonderful day!


* Sometimes… *


…you just gotta have fun! And orange is certainly a fitting color for just that! :-D




I hope you enjoyed the photos and maybe I got you to smile? I hope so :-)

I thought I would come by and say a little hello.  J and I had dinner at Friday’s earlier, yum! We had a stroll around the mall afterwards. Oh, I also spoke to my sister a little while ago too which was so nice <3 Miss you!!!

It is night – time here so I am signing out :-)


* Rainbow Bright *


Thank you so much for your lovely comments in my previous post <3

We had Eid Holiday earlier in the week and, on one of the nights we went out for dinner and drinks with some great friends of ours. It was a super evening! :-)

I have just finished a good workout and have some things to get to but, I just wanted to pop in and wish you a great day! :-)

May you find a treasure at the end of the w:-)





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