* The long road home… *

hts2Follow the yellow lines Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it was a yellow brick road

hts142 degrees Celsius in the desert

The all encompassing warmth from the desert wind felt so pleasant

I hope your Easter weekend has been great so far and, for those of you who doesn’t celebrate Easter, I hope yours are lovely too :-)



* Early Flirty Friday *


I feel so girly and flirty in this outfit.. :-D ( Only for you hubby!!! ) Also the weekend starts for us today, so it is kinda early Friday and ‘ Teaser Thursday ‘ just seemed a little dirty ;-) Oh my, I can be just a tad silly at times…

Last night I was sipping some white wine and watching tv while waiting for my man to get home :-D Cozy…


I need to run to the store but, I want to say HAPPY EASTER first :-)


* Curly girlie! ( + a little venting..) *

crl1Lots of waves today :-D

My hubby is coming back from business travels later, yay. Not so fun being alone.. I need my best friend <3

I have not been the most happy person lately and a lack of sleep due to fear of low blood sugar levels during the night sure ain’t helping the mood! I am quite obsessive about the whole thing as I am terrified I wont wake up, end up in a coma and possibly die. The chances of that happening aren’t very high and I hope I will start to relax a bit more about it soon as it is making me very depressed and stressed. I usually set the alarm on several times during the night to check.. Then I have to check the phone a million times to make sure that the alarm is actually on (which it is!) a lot of OCD going on :-( The fear probably stems a bit from all the low blood sugar levels I experienced last year, due to injecting the insulin into my thigh muscle by mistake. It is quite scary when that happens, not a pleasant feeling…I do it in my stomach now which is much better and safer for me :-) I hope this anxiety is just a phase that will ease off a bit along the way as I didn’t use to be this bad! :-) Sorry for the not so uplifting post today, I hope I didn’t bum any of you out :-)

crl2Put a smile on :-)

I hope you are doing great and just want to wish you a good day :-)


* Canada On My Chest *


I got this fun tee at Roots (I love Roots!) the last time I was in Canada. It totally makes me feel like I should go camping, play hockey, do some beaver watching…. ( ;-) ) or something, with all the fun Canadian things on it ;-) Coming to think of it, I really miss Canada!

I watched Lady & The Tramp earlier and, it is such a cute movie! I am a huge Disney fan! I will never get too old for watching the classics! :-D

A random little update ;-)

I hope you are having a great start to your week!


* From the Powder Room *


I snapped a quick one in the powder room at The Uptown Bar on Thursday evening :-D

We had a business dinner with two other guys that we know quite well on Thursday. It was great to catch up as always! :-)

Yesterday we headed to the mall to browse the bookstore, I love doing that!! I got a few new books, which I am very pleased about. It is so nice to escape into a good book :-)

Wishing you a lovely day!


* Blue and pink kinda day *


A little blue and a little pink :-)

I am just hanging around waiting while we have workers over to clean and check on the air-condition units in the house :-) It was time for a little service. Speaking of service, my truck also got a thorough check yesterday, always good to know all is in order!

Last night we had yummy chicken wings and watched a movie :-)

The weekend is about to start here in the Middle East, yay!

Wishing you a lovely day <3


* Hint Of Make-up *


Sometimes leaving out the eye make-up feels so good. I can rub my eyes whenever I want to without looking completely funny afterwards! ;-)

I am just popping in quickly to say hi as I have an errand and lunch date to get ready for! I am hungry so I look forward to some yummy food :-)

Wishing you a lovely day!


* Happy New Week! *


Orange and black! I like it! :-)

I hope you have had a great weekend and will have a super new week :-)

We had a good, no plans weekend this weekend, which is always nice. We were even out cruising on the beach road in my Denali on Friday night lol! It was super busy down there! We have been doing some shopping (always a fun thing to do!) and Saturday was movie and snacks night, so cozy :-)

Last night we had a business dinner at the Dhow & Anchor. We sat outside on the terrace as the temperature was really pleasant.

Other than that, I hope you are having a good start to the new week :-)


* Pink and White Weirdo Girl *


I can be such a weirdo haha :-D I hope for your sake it is not contagious!

Last night J and I drove up to the Golf Club for some dinner and drinks. It was fun! Then we took a cab home and watched some series followed by listening to music and looking at photos. Relaxing evening :-)

As we might have been a tad bit hungover today we just had some Pizza Hut for breakfast :-D The breakfast of champions right? In my head anyway haha!

I want to wish you a wonderful weekend :-)

One more thing, I am glad you guys like my Spomfy word… because I really like it too! :-D


* Spomfy (!) *


Spomfy = Sporty Comfy! In my world anyway ;-)

This pic was taken yesterday morning after getting back from the Medical Clinic. I had to take a blood test. Yuck! I hate taking those ( funny… considering I have to test my blood sugar everyday! ;-) ) Hubby usually has to come along as I get so dizzy ( purely psychological ) and as a result I can’t drive without having a minor panic moment after. I even have to lie down and have J hold my hand while the nurse does her thing. I am a nutcase! Hey, at least I wore Spomfy clothes, that makes it all so much better! :-D

Anywho, I have some things I need to get to so I better go but, not before wishing you a great day :-)



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